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Misty Dowdle

Misty Dowdle

Hospital Manager

Misty is our Hospital Manager. She has been in the veterinary field for 26 plus years.
Misty is happily married and has 2 children: 1 son and 1 daughter. She shares her home with 2 personality filled cats: Uzi & Wendall and 1 dog: a boxer mix named Lyla Lilac. As well with 2 rats (yes she said rats): Meatball and Paco, plus 2 ducks: Waddles & Kodak Quack the Quacker, and a 30 gallon freshwater aquarium.

Misty has had a love for ALL animals as long as she can remember. Her 1st job was at a pet store where, to her mother’s dismay, she brought home a variety of pets. But if you tell her she can only pick 1 favorite animal, she will quickly reply RATS💞