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Abby Stouffer

Abby Stouffer

Veterinary Assistant

Born and raised in North Manchester, Indiana, Abby Stouffer found her passion early on, growing up amidst an array of animals on her family’s farm. This early exposure sparked her dream to become an animal nurse. After honing her skills in Vet Technology at Brown Mackie College and gaining hands-on experience as a research farm manager, Abby brought her passion and expertise to our team.

Her joy comes from the improved health of the animals she helps and the gratitude in the eyes of their owners. Alongside her professional duties, Abby co-owns and manages Pet Pals, a thriving boarding and grooming business, reflecting her lifelong devotion to animal care.

Abby shares her bustling life with her supportive husband, Ethan, their children Waylan, Elana, and Colson, and a lively menagerie of pets, including three horses, one pony, three dogs, one cat, and a cheerful clutter of barn cats. Despite being a lover of all animals, Abby admits to being slightly more partial to dogs.

Abby likes to maximize her free time, balancing her service to the community by mentoring children as a ten-year member of 4H, and cherishing outdoor activities such as horseback riding and camping. With a knack for nurturing and a heart that’s always in the right place, Abby Stouffer embodies the caring spirit we value in our practice.